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Current Information

I’m an IT Veteran with 46 years of experience in everything from hardware design through being a CTO. I’ve been an application developer in many languages that entire time. Some of the applications I’ve designed/written/managed projects for include Oracle Financials replacement with Job Control for Brown&Root, Job Cost and Project Management System for PPG, Inventory Management System for PPG, Medical/Dental/Chiro/Veterinarian Billing Systems, and more.

I’ve been a database developer, DBA, and manager since 1987. I am an Oracle and MySql expert. I’ve been an Oracle Apps DBA and Sysadmin since 1992.

I’ve been a Unix sysadmin since 1984 and linux since 1996. I’ve been an internet marketer and trainer since 1998. I own over 400 domains and have been building websites since 1996 and responsive sites since 2003. I have owned one placement firm and 3 consulting firms so have experience across the board.

I also have Military (USAF) experience. I was dorm chief and squad leader in basic training. I was Red Rope in tech school, responsible for over 800 personnel and marching over 200 to and from class each day. I achieved E4 in under 3 years and was honorably discharged with full benefits. I was trained in computer and teletype maintenance (crypto) and had a Top Secret clearance. I volunteered for special duty, so taught electronics (DC through Microwave) to over 30 MOS’s.

I am very interested in any position you have; IT management, QA management, or hands on development that my very wide, long, and deep background qualifies me for… especially if remote. I’m fine with any level of travel, as well.

I love everything IT related and am just as happy working at any level; on a team, managing teams, or alone.

Thanks in advance for every consideration.

Please see my websites…

https://josserand.com/jesse/Story.pdf –> very important





Thanks again!

(References available on request.)

Yours truly,

Jesse Josserand

Owner, Sr. Consultant, Webmaster

IT Web Services, LLC

A Division of Josserand Ace ConsultinG™ (JacG™)

and Ace Consulting Solutions, Inc.

Personal Phone: 224-303-7233

Business Phone/Fax: 1-800-698-1030

1 Man IT Shop and 46 Year IT Veteran

My Bio…

My background is wide, long, and deep.  I have Industry-wide, application-wide, database-wide, and management-wide I.T. and other experience since 1971. I’ve been a database admin and manager of database admins since 1987. I have been on the internet since it was called Arpanet. I’ve been doing database driven websites since 1996 (php, mysql, oracle, html, javascript, bootstrap, bash, python, etc). I’ve been doing Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PLR Marketing and training to others on those subjects since 1998.

My experiences since 1971 have, also, included hardware design, operating systems design, application software design and development, database design and administration… and more (through having been a CTO twice).  I am, therefore, able to communicate diplomatically, knowledgeably, and effectively across all venues at all levels of staff, understanding problems, and their causes, resolving issues/conflicts, and reaching solutions. My troubleshooting skills, also, therefore, unsurpassed.

Thus, I typically work in multiple capacities (wear 3-5 hats, as it were) on a project. Positions I’ve held include:

  • Environment Manager
  • Release Manager
  • Release Engineer
  • SCM Release Lead
  • Automation Designer/Developer
  • Business/Gap/Data Analyst
  • Sales/Marketing Technical Liaison
  • Systems Architect
  • System Administrator
  • DBA, Sr. Apps DBA
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Projects Manager
  • Software Development Manager
  • DBA Manager and Database Development Manager
  • Applications Development Manager
  • Software Vendor Relations Manager
  • Director of Technology
  • And… CTO

This allows you and/or your customer to save money in that I, in one body, can replace 3-5 staff positions, and am worth at least 3-5 salaries or contractor hourly rates.

Troubleshooting and triage are a specialty. I’m a “roll-up-your sleeves and get in the trenches” kind of Director/Manager. I love sharing knowledge with staff and learning from them, as well.

I am very customer-oriented and drive all activities based on that.

My I.T. and Business customer list includes:

  • Oracle Corp., Brown & Root, PPG, NEC, Sequent Computer Systems, Arthur Andersen, SYSCO, Smith International, Weatherford US, EDS, SHL Systemhouse, MCI, Huntsman Corporation, Bluebell Ice Cream, The State of Nevada, Harvard University, PSE&G Nuclear, Verizon Wireless, G.E. Nuclear, Stetson, Nana Corporation, Honeywell International, Fujitsu America, Nike, Walgreens, Fidelity Investments, and others.

Currently, my focus is Internet-oriented Project Management and Online Marketing of many products, services, and training, including:

  • Domain Registration
  • Website Design and Sales
  • Hosting and more
  • All Types of Internet Marketing and Training
  • SEO/SEM Consulting
  • Reseller of hardware and software through affiliate and reseller accounts with several vendors.
  • … and more.

I’m not just a technical guy.  I’m, also, a musician, writer, editor, and more.  I’ve written SOP’s, User Manuals, Technical Manuals, Project Plans, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, and lots of songs, poems, etc.  I play several instruments; guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, a little harmonica and trumpet/coronet, though lead guitar is my specialty. I’m on several blog sites and have a few of my own. On fiverr.com, I’ve done editing, audio voice-overs, and more.  In addition, I’ve been an FM D.J. (KZFM, Corpus Christi, TX 1972), and a party D.J./Entertainer (Best Entertainers, Houston, TX in the late ’90’s).

…and, believe it or not, in my teens, I was even a police officer (dispatcher, Portland P.D., Portland, TX), and a Drug Abuse Counselor and Board of Directors member for the Corpus Christi Drug Abuse Counsel (I ran their walk-in center, called ‘Nemo’).

Probably, my best attributes are:

  • Not being afraid to admit when I’m wrong
  • Not being afraid to admit when I don’t know something, though I know a lot 🙂
  • and, above all, being able to find an answer or solution to a problem, even if I don’t already know it, or it is not immediately available.

I’m a quick study.  Give me the book, the person, or the machine… and I’ll become the expert in short order. If you have a business need or problem, I’m all about solutions. …and in closing, here’s something that should give you a really good idea “where my head’s at”, as it were…

My two favorite quotes:

  • “Never Give up! Never Surrender!”


  • “I’m impatient with stupidity. My people have learned to live without it.”

Finally, regarding certifications… Mine are in my many years of experience, and my very long list of customers and capabilities.


Jesse Josserand